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Decode® Detroit Is A Great Way To Spend Time Together Outside The Office.

We Can Accommodate Many Group Sizes And Events.

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We Can Accommodate Your Needs:

Decode® Detroit | The Minerva Project is a one hour team building experience where you and your coworkers must work together to escape the room. Our game identifies individual strengths and tests your team’s cooperation in the face of a moral conundrum.

We Have A Variety Of Packages Available Depending On Your Needs.
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  • Team Formation

    We can form teams based on personality type, department, or other characteristics to test the teamwork objectives that you have in mind.

  • Team Discussion

    We can lead a post-game discussion to explain how your group addressed different challenges and explore how you reacted when faced with a moral dilemma.

  • Game Review

    We can record video of team interactions and calculate game statistics to debrief your team.

For More Information, Reach Us At Team@DecodeDetroit.com

Ann Arbor Location

4072 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48108


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Phone(313) 438-8054


Available Weekdays

Normal hours:

Thursday – Friday 6 PM – 11 PM

Saturday – Sunday10 AM – 11 PM

Ypsilanti Location

16 N. Washington St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


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Phone(313) 438-8054


Available Weekdays


Detroit Location

Coming in 2019!
3014 East Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202

What Others Are Saying About The Minerva Project

“My work team and I went here for a team-bonding session and it was absolutely incredible. Well worth it – the room was so much fun, we really came together as a team, and made a great memory together at a local business. The puzzles were just the right level of complexity and the technology was next level. I was genuinely sad to escape because I didn’t want the fun to end! Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for some smart fun.”emilyn4402017 on Google
“The puzzles required teamwork, closed loop communication, resource sharing and cross monitoring of team members! As a person who trains teams to work better together, I think this is an exceptional team building exercise.”hbb207 on TripAdvisor
“This was my first time at an escape room and all I can say is they set the bar so high! I had so much fun! We went for an office team building and everyone had a blast. It really gets you working together! The most important part.. the staff are excellent! I can not say enough about how much they helped make this team building a success! Definitely choose Decode Detroit for your next outing! My husband and I are already planning a couples day in June to come here and have fun!”Alysia A. on TripAdvisor
“This was the best experience that I have ever had in a group setting. I highly recommend this event for any team/group/couple looking for a team building activity. I had an awesome time and really got to know my co-worker’s strengths and weaknesses.”dpaylor on TripAdvisor
“Our office chose this for a team-building exercise; it was all that and lots of fun, too. I was apprehensive that it would be high-pressure or stressful and bring out everybody’s bad side, but the site is comfortable and the staff are friendly and welcoming. We had teams ranging in size from seven to ten. The larger teams got through more efficiently, so I would recommend the more, the merrier for puzzle success. The puzzles are challenging but also very satisfying to figure out, even if you don’t get them all. A memorable event we all enjoyed.”J7567EKlindal on TripAdvisor
“Loved this! As a work team building outing, we escaped the rooms and had fun while trying to make it out! Great puzzles and activities, especially to those who want to enhance their team skills. All around fun!”Jen P. on TripAdvisor

Meet Minerva

Meet Minerva

Additional Information

We have hosted a variety of events at our facility, from casual afternoon parties to catered dinners and from small group activities to multi-day experiences. Packages start at $32 per person and include a flexible start time, last minute cancellation, and customization to your group’s needs. Additional options including facility rental and catering are available.

We look forward to planning your event. Call us (313-438-8054) or send us an email at team@DecodeDetroit.com.

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About Us

Created in 2016 by a group of storytellers, engineers, and urban planners, Decode® Detroit is an urban adventure game built into the fabric of Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit. The three parts of Minerva’s adventure opened in fall 2016 (The Minerva Project), winter 2017 (Minerva’s Escape), and fall 2017 (Minerva’s Return). A new series of games are planned for downtown Ypsilanti and New Center Detroit in 2018.

Our mission is to use fun puzzles and an engaging storyline to introduce locals and visitors alike to unique places in Southeast Michigan they might not otherwise discover.