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We’re happy to open on a weekday to host your group of six or more. We can help you plan your event around the other time constraints of the day.


Let us know how you would like to arrange your event and we’ll do our best to accomodate you. We’ve hosted groups of all shapes and sizes!



We’ve worked with a number of caterers in the past and are happy to recommend several. You’re also welcome to carry in any food or beverages (although they cannot be brought into the room).

Our Ann Arbor Escape Rooms Are Run By An Artificial Intelligence:



"My friends and I are escape room nerds and we do these things all the time. The Minerva Project by Decode Detroit is hands down the best one we've been to. The puzzles were deliciously challenging and I loved how so many of them were custom-built for the room."
"We're regular escape room goers. So often, tech sacrifices immersion and narrative, but the team at Decode Detroit did an AMAZING job of connecting everything to the Minerva storyline. Minerva was a hilarious treat to listen to in the background - nothing makes me happier than a sassy AI and she was a gem."
"I have been to about 20 escape rooms throughout the country (in probably about 10 states) and in all honesty, this one was the best. Far and away the most complete escape experience from start to finish. If you are into escape rooms, you will be impressed. If you've never done an escape room, this is a great place to start."
"Hands down the best escape room in Michigan; the sheer amount of effort and care placed into the design and execution of the rooms is simply unmatched anywhere else.

I've been here multiple times for Minerva Pt. 1 and 3; and have definitely enjoyed the experience every single time. The owners are truly passionate about their craft, and it truly does show.

Finally, you know an escape room is good when someone who lives in Chicago is willing to drive back to do the other room. ;)"
Jonathan W.
"Love that they can modify the room to different group sizes/levels of experience. Good for seasoned veterans and rookies alike. Looking forward to more rooms and puzzles from Decode Detroit in the future!"
Troy S.
"Hands down the highest production value for any escape room I've seen. Executed brilliantly and a lot of fun."
Travis O.
"You can tell they have passion for the game."
Lindsay V.
"Best escape room I've encountered so far! Creative and consistent theme, high quality/unique puzzles, and a super friendly and engaging staff. A lot of care and intent clearly went into getting the details just right for Minerva's story, and as a result the experience is top quality. The room is immersive and all the tech worked perfectly. We'll definitely be back and I look forward to visiting the other locations when they open!"
Patricia B.
"My sister and I just took my nephews (8 & 6) to this escape room. We had a blast! The kids were able to contribute to the solving of the puzzles. The staff was fantastic. The nephews were still talking about Minerva the whole way home."
Em T.
"Decode Detroit far exceeded my expectations for an escape room. The storyline is intriguing and the puzzles and props are extremely well done. Huge bonus: staff was very helpful and courteous! Highly recommend."
Anna B.


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Decode Ann Arbor Escape Room
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Decode Ypsilanti Escape Room
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