Coming To New Center Detroit In 2018!

We are working on a location in the New Center area of Detroit! As you can see, there's a long way to go to turn this parking lot into our new home. But we're excited that this location will be directly connected to the Midtown and Downtown areas of Detroit via the Q-Line light rail. Just four blocks east of the Fisher Building, our new space will allow us to expand the Decode® Detroit adventure with a new series of stories built into the fabric of Detroit.

While we have hit a few road blocks on our way to completing this location (it was originally planned as the first location), we are excited that the additional development time will allow us to build it to a new standard in adventure games.

Update April 17th, 2017: The willow tree is trimmed, the parking lot is clean, we've selected an architect, and most importantly, the weather is beautiful!
Our new location in New Center Detroit.
Update August 1st, 2017: We have a preliminary design for the building and are working to satisfy zoning and planning requirements with the city. With any luck, construction will begin this fall!
Our new location in New Center Detroit.
We'll keep this page updated with our progress so that you can see the magic unfold!